Welcome to the home of West Coast Premier Tournaments Youth Baseball Rankings!

This is our 1st year offering this Ranking System, so here are a few of the items you will want to know:

Entering a WCP Tournament = 10 Points
Each WIN at a WCP NW Tournament = 10 Points
Each TIE at a WCP NW Tournament = 5 Points

1st Place in GOLD Bracket = 50 POINTS
2nd Place in GOLD Bracket = 25 POINTS

1st Place in SILVER Bracket = 25 POINTS
2nd Place in SILVER Bracket = 10 POINTS

1st Place in BRONZE Bracket = 10 POINTS


9u Rankings

1Kennewick Express400100
2Hood Baseball52095
3PS Powerhouse41075
5River City Athletics22040
5Liberty Select31040
7GB Elite11030
7Prospect U-Stenberg22030
7SBC Spartans Green23030
7Eastlake Arsenal22030
11NW Futures Select11020
11New Level Xtreme 8u13020
11Central OR Crush13020
11O-Town Bombers13020
15Sunwest Yellow02010
15Sunwest 9u04010

10u Rankings

1Federal Way Knights10u AAA500110
2Richland Badgers10u AAA31065
3Central Oregon Crush10u AAA43060
4River City Athletics10u AAA22055
5Bat Company Red10u AAA24040
5Climbers10u AAA22040
5Renton Rebels10u AAA31040
5TC Warriors10u AAA31040
9Moses Lake Monsters10u AAA13030
9QAB Renegades10u AAA22030
11Bend Elks10u AAA13020
11Eastlake Arsenal10u AAA13020
11Sunwest Black10u AAA05020
14Sunwest Yellow10u AAA03010
14Portland Generals-Rose City10u AAA03010
14Portland Generals-WRLL10u AAA03010
1Showtime South10u Majors730125
2Diamond Jaxx10u Majors500110
3Bat Company Navy10u Majors55080
4MoundTime10u Majors40075
5Willamette Valley Seeds10u Majors30065
6Kennewick Express10u Majors22055
6Premier Baseball10u Majors20055
8LW Select10u Majors21040
9GB Elite10u Majors13135
10GTS Sting10u Majors21030
10New Level Xtreme10u Majors13030
10PS Powerhouse10u Majors22030
10Rock Creek Select10u Majors21030
10Greenberry Athletics10u Majors11030
15AIA Athletics10u Majors13020
15Tigard Bulldogs10u Majors11020
17NW Futures Select10u Majors01115
18Kennewick Warriors10u Majors04010

11u Rankings

1Woodinville BBC11u AAA31090
2Bridgetown11u AAA31065
2River City Athletics11u AAA31065
4Greenberry Athletics11u AAA20055
5Diamond Jaxx Gold11u AAA31040
6O-Town Bombers11u AAA22030
6Sunwest11u AAA13030
8Titans Baseball11u AAA12020
8Central OR Crush11u AAA12020
8Dragons Elite11u AAA12020
11Bend Elks11u AAA04010
11NW Futures Black11u AAA02010
1New Level Xtreme11u Majors500110
2Elite (ID)11u Majors31065
2PS Powerhouse11u Majors31065
4Kennewick Warriors11u Majors22040
4MV Diamond Dogs11u Majors22040
6Diamond Jaxx Prime11u Majors21030
6Premier Baseball11u Majors11030
6Kennewick Express11u Majors21030
9Warriors BBC11u Majors13020
9Whatcom Prep11u Majors12020
9LW Select11u Majors11020
12IBC Purple11u Majors03010
12NW Reign Silver11u Majors03010

12u Rankings

1Kirkland BBC12u AAA500110
2Saints Baseball12u AAA41075
3Washington Rush Black12u AAA43070
4Boise Beasts12u AAA31065
5AIA Athletics12u AAA22040
5Cascade Crush12u AAA31040
5Climbers12u AAA31040
8Covinton Titans12u AAA21030
8Shockers Baseball12u AAA21030
8Stods Hornets12u AAA21030
8WA Select Warriors12u AAA21030
8Yak. Val. Dirt Dawgs Blk12u AAA22030
13Bridgetown12u AAA13020
13City Baseball Black12u AAA13020
13Mavs 11u12u AAA12020
13Greenberry Athletics12u AAA12020
13Dragons Elite12u AAA13020
13Showtime South12u AAA05020
17Bend Elks12u AAA03010
17Cherry City Baseball12u AAA03010
17City Baseball Gold12u AAA03010
17Pasco Fury12u AAA03010
17Centerfield Cannons12u AAA03010
17RCBC Badgers12u AAA02010
1Bat Company12u Majors640135
2Diamond Jaxx Littleton12u Majors500110
3Baden Elite12u Majors41075
3Mizuno Maniacs12u Majors33075
3MoundTime12u Majors40075
6LW Select12u Majors43070
7NW Futures Select12u Majors20055
8EKU Baseball12u Majors31040
8NW Naturals12u Majors31040
10PS Powerhouse Black12u Majors21030
10Washington Athletics12u Majors22030
10Yak. Val. Dirt Dawgs Red12u Majors22030
10Premier Baseball12u Majors11030
14Bombers BBC12u Majors13020
14O-Town Bombers12u Majors12020
14Renton Rebels12u Majors12020
14Stods Select12u Majors12020
14TC Warriors12u Majors12020
14Vipers12u Majors12020
14Sandy Pack12u Majors11020
23PS Powerhouse Blue12u Majors04010

13u Rankings

1AIA Athletics13u AAA400100
2Sunwest13u AAA31065
3Saints Baseball13u AAA22055
4Bend Elks13u AAA24040
4River City Athletics13u AAA22040
6QAB Renegades13u AAA22030
7MoundTime13u AAA11125
8Mizuno Maniacs13u AAA12020
9City Baseball White13u AAA03010
9Rippers Gold13u AAA03010
9Laces Baseball13u AAA02010
9Salem SWAT13u AAA02010
9Dragons Elite13u AAA02010
1New Level Xtreme Ringrose13u Majors500110
1Showtime South13u Majors632110
3Cascade Crush13u Majors41075
3NW Naturals13u Majors41075
5Central Oregon Crush Black13u Majors20265
6NW Futures Select13u Majors20055
7Spokane Expos13u Majors32050
8Rippers Black13u Majors22040
8Team GTS13u Majors31040
8NW Futures Black13u Majors21040
11Baden Titans13u Majors22030
11Kennewick Express13u Majors21030
11NW Bandits13u Majors22030
11Spokane Angels13u Majors21030
15Diamond Jaxx Fazio13u Majors11125
17Baden Baseball Red13u Majors12020
17Bombers BBC13u Majors12020
17Bridgetown West13u Majors12020
17Legends13u Majors13020
17New Level Xtreme Navy13u Majors12020
17PS Powerhouse13u Majors12020
17Spokane Avalanche13u Majors12020
17TC Warriors13u Majors12020
17Walla Walla Athletics13u Majors12020
17Premier Baseball13u Majors11020
27Kirkland Merchants13u Majors03010
27Rock Creek Select13u Majors02010

14u Rankings

1Team Impact14u AAA500110
2Pendleton BlackSox14u AAA41075
3Prospect U-Austin14u AAA31065
4Showtime South14u AAA24050
5Bat Company Navy14u AAA24040
5Bend Elks14u AAA31040
5Jr. Storm14u AAA31040
5River City Athletics14u AAA31040
5Spokane Dirtbags14u AAA31040
5Stingrays14u AAA22040
11Bombers14u AAA15030
11Vancouver Cardinals14u AAA21030
12Jr. Lava Bears14u AAA13020
12Rippers Gold14u AAA13020
14Bridgetown Columbia14u AAA03010
14Cherry City Baseball14u AAA03010
14Portland Vipers14u AAA03010
14Boys of Summer14u AAA02010
1Koa Baseball14u Majors500110
2NL Xtreme-Mano14u Majors31065
2WA Select Warriors14u Majors31065
4NW Futures Select14u Majors20055
4Premier Baseball14u Majors20055
6HZ Exreme14u Majors31050
7Rippers Black14u Majors22040
8Cascade Crush14u Majors22030
8NW Bandits14u Majors22030
8Walla Walla Athletics14u Majors21030
8NW Futures Black14u Majors11030
8NW Premier BBC14u Majors11030
14Bad Rock BBC14u Majors12020
14Bat Company Red14u Majors12020
14Dragons Elite Blue14u Majors12020
14Kirkland Merchants14u Majors12020
14Yak Valley Dirt Dawgs14u Majors13020
19Chaffey Baseball14u Majors03010
19WW Sweets14u Majors03010

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