10u OPEN12u OPEN14u OPEN
The Bat Company AThe Bat Company AThe Bat Company B
The Bat Company BThe Bat Company B
Lady LibertiesLady Liberties


10u OPEN12u OPEN14u OPEN
The Bat Company AThe Bat Company AThe Bat Company B
The Bat Company BThe Bat Company BCentral Oregon Fastpitch
Lady LibertiesLady Liberties
Central Oregon FastpitchCentral Oregon Fastpitch


10u OPEN12u OPEN14u OPEN16u OPEN18u OPEN
Rip City Fastpitch


10u OPEN12u OPEN14u OPEN16u OPEN18u OPEN
Sandberg SabotageVelocity


9u10u11u12u13u (Hillsboro)14u
Hood BaseballPremier BaseballLW SelectSandy PackLaces BaseballVancouver Cardinals
SunwestBat Company NavyBat CompanyLW SelectShowtime SouthBombers
LW SelectPremier BaseballSalem SWATBat CompanyNorth Idaho Black Sox
Sunwest BlackSunwestProspect United CubsNorth Idaho Black SoxValley Stars
Sunwest YellowNW FuturesBat CompanySunwestNW Futures Gray
Bat Company RedShowtime SouthNW Futures SelectNW Futures Black
SunwestNW Futures BlackBat Company
NW Futures SelectPremier Baseball
NW Futures Black
Hillcrest Baseball
Premier Baseball

2018 NW Spring Training Schedule/Results

This event will have OPEN Divisions as well as INVITATION only.

This event is designed to provide teams with the highest level of competition on the West Coast. It is the most exclusive early season opportunity for the top 11u, 12u, 13u, and 2022/23 clubs to compete. Combine Elite competition with MLB Spring Training as the backdrop, this event will be a must-attend experience each year for the Nations top teams!

Games will all be played at some of the finest venues in all of Arizona. Tempe, Gilbert, and Scottsdale will host the 11u, 12u, and 13u Divisions while Tucson (Kino Sports Complex) will host the 2022/23 Division.

If you would like to attend this event but have not been invited, please request an Application for AZ Elite Championships by emailing or calling Drew Reiners:

Office Phone: 360-597-3811 or
Email: drew@wcptournaments.com


Thursday March 21 – Arrival date. There are no games for any teams on Thursday, this is the day all teams will need to arrive by.

Friday March 22 – Pool Play Day 1, teams will play either 1 or 2 pool play games

Saturday March 23 – Pool Play Day 2, teams will conclude pool play with 1 or 2 pool play games

Sunday March 24 – Championship Sunday! Teams will compete for the Championship in single elimination playoff

-Seeding based on pool play results (Platinum, Gold, and Silver Brackets)

-Last scheduled games are set for 3pm starts


11U12U13U14U (2022/23)
Saddleback CowboysSaddleback CowboysSaddleback CowboysSaddleback Cowboys
CBA BulldogsBig West BPA NationalDirt DevilsLightning Baseball
CBA BruinsCBA BruinsTri-County BaseballLangley Blaze
Idaho ProspectsCrew Baseball - AZCrew Baseball - WAWilson Sandlot
CBA TitansTRPR EliteCentral Oregon CrushGBG Renegades
Minnesota Blizzard EliteMizuno ManiacsNW Bandits BlackABD Premier
TRPR EliteIdaho ProspectsTeam GTSGBG San Diego Patriots
GBG RenegadesDragons EliteCity BaseballMinnesota Blizzard Elite
Dragons EliteCBA BulldogsDragons EliteMoundTime
Central Oregon CrushSlammers Elite LeinAmericans Baseball3D Gold
MoundTimeSoCal USATotal Baseball Vipers Navy
Crew Baseball - AZCrew Baseball - AZ
CBA BruinsSlammers Elite Little
HZ XtremeCBA Bulldogs
North Idaho Black Sox
Desert Bandits
Americans Baseball
NW Bandits Black
Crew Baseball - WA
BR Baseball
Dragons Elite
Tri-County Baseball
Twin Cities Bombers
HZ Xtreme


1*West Covina Dukes National*60*14u ELITE CHAMPIONS*
2AZ Rebels42
3Southern Nevada Baseball41
4Mountain Lions311
5GBG Renegades31
6T-Buck Training31
7Wilson Sandlot211
8AZ Raiders211
9Slammers North Asnicar*411*Gold Winner
10City Baseball33
11Spokane Crew32
12NW Bandits Black23
13DeMarini Sandlot22
143D Gold22
15MN Blizzard13
16Evoshiled Sandlot13
17ABQ Guns**42**Silver Winner
18AZ Athletics Elite23
19Central Oregon Crush14
20Sacramento BPA14
21Langley Blaze04
22Lightning Baseball04
23The Bat Company04

14u Elite Championships Schedule



9u Majors9u AAA10u (12 Team Max)10u AAA (6 Team Max)11u (12 Team Max)12u Majors (16 Team Max)12u AAA (8 Team Max)13u (24 Team Max)14u Majors (16 Team Max)14u AAA (8 Team Max)
SBC Spartans GreenEastlake ArsenalEastlake ArsenalFederal Way KnightsPuget Sound PowerhouseBat CompanyKirkland Baseball ClubSpokane AngelsBat Company RedJr. Storm
Prospect United-StenbergClimbersBat Company NavySunwest YellowRiver City AthleticsLW SelectStods HornetsPuget Sound PowerhouseChaffey BaseballProspect United-Austin
River City AthleticsO-Town BombersKennewick ExpressSunwest BlackNew Level XtremeO-Town BombersCherry City BaseballBaden TitansRiver City AthleticsBat Company Navy
Diamond JaxxSunwestDiamond JaxxBend ElksDiamond Jaxx PrimeStods SelectYakima Valley Dirt DawgsNW NaturalsNorth Idaho Black SoxBend Elks
New Level XtremeNew Level KingsRenton RebelsNew Level KingsPuget Sound Powerhouse BlackBend ElksDiamond Jaxx-FazioNew Level Xtreme-ManoJr. Lava Bears
Puget Sound PowerhouseNew Level XtremeClimbersWarriors BBCPuget Sound Powerhouse BlueCascade CrushNew Level KingsNew Level KingsCherry City Baseball
New Level KingsRiver City AthleticsBat Company RedCentral Oregon CrushDiamond Jaxx-LittletonSunwestNew Level Xtreme-RingroseWW SweetsBombers
Puget Sound PowerhouseBend Elks (AAA)New Level XtremeShowtime SouthNew Level Xtreme-SutherlandWalla Walla AthleticsPortland Vipers
QAB RenegadesSunwest (AAA)Mizuno ManiacsSaints BaseballWashington Select
Kennewick WarriorsDragons EliteRiver City AthleticsNorth Idaho Black SoxKirkland Merchants
ShowtimeNW ReignWashington Select WarriorsWalla Walla AthleticsCascade Crush
Showtime SouthBadRock BBC
Kennewick WarriorsKirkland MerchantsNW Rattlers
Washington AthleticsDragons EliteNW Premier BBC
Dragons EliteCascade Crush
New Level KingsQAB Renegades
Yakima Valley Dirt Dawgs RedRiver City Athletics
Saints BaseballRock Creek Select
NW NaturalsBaden Baseball Red
Bend Elks (AAA)
Sunwest (AAA)

2018 WCP Season Opener Scores/Results


9u (8 Team Max)10u Majors (12 Team Max)10u AAA (8 Team Max)11u Majors (16 Team Max)11u AAA (8 Team Max)12u Majors (20 Team Max)12u AAA (12 Team Max)13u Majors (24 Team Max)13u AAA (12 Team Max)14u Majors (20 Team Max)14u AAA (10 Team Max)
Prospect United-StenbergPuget Sound PowerhouseBend ElksWashington Athletics GoldSBC Spartans BlackRijo Athletics BlackJr. CougarsRijo Athletics BlackSammamish Baseball ClubRijo Athletics BlackJr. Cougars
MoundTimeMoundTimeGB ELiteSeattle Rawlings TigersJr. CougarsRijo Athletics WhitePortland Baseball ClubRijo Athletics WhiteJr. CougarsRijo Athletics WhiteJr. Storm
MI ThunderWest Linn BaseballMI LightningMoundTimePortland Baseball ClubSandy PackCherry City BaseballBat BustersSandy BaseballRedmond DudesBend Elks
Puget Sound PowerhouseBaden BaseballSunwestPuget Sound PowerhouseShowtime NavyAmericans Red503 BaseballWest Linn FedPortland Baseball ClubChaffey BaseballPortland Baseball Club
MI Lightning (AAA)MI ThunderKC MonarchsShowtime NorthMI LightningJr. StormMI ThunderThe Yard - StallSeattle Rawlings TigersWest Linn FedVancouver Cardinals
Sunwest (AAA)Bat Company NavyBat Company RedKingersDragons ElitePuget Sound Powerhouse BlackShowtime SouthNWDS BlackSherwood Baseball Club503 WestRaleigh Hills-CL
Central Oregon Crush (AAA)Central Oregon CrushGB Diamond CrewBend ElksPuget Sound Powerhouse BlueBaden BlackNW NaturalsMoundTimeMoundTimeMid Valley Bandits
ShowtimeNew Level XtremeSunwestMoundTimeCascade CrushNew Level XtremeBaden BlackFOC BearsBat Company Navy
West Linn BaseballNW NaturalsBend ElksShowtime SouthBend ElksBat Company RedBombers
Central Oregon CrushBat CompanySunwestFOC Bears BlackBaden Islanders503 EastPortland Vipers
NW Futures SelectWest Linn BaseballTigard 12uFOC Bears BlueSunwestWalla Walla AthleticsCherry City Baseball
NWDSCentral Oregon CrushNWDS BlueCentral Oregon Crush NavyNWDS Black
NW Futures BlackDragons EliteCentral Oregon Crush OrangeNW Futures Select
MI ThunderNW Futures SelectNW Futures SelectBaden Baseball
Baden EliteBaden RedNew Level Xtreme-Mano
Ridge BaseballCascade CrushCascade Crush
Silverdale SluggersPremier BaseballPremier Baseball
Diamond Jaxx LittletonStods VipersLangley Blaze
NW Futures BlackColumbia ReachWashington Select
Treasure Valley Elite
NW Futures Black

2018 WCP Border Wars Scores/Results

QAB RenegadesMizuno Maniacs (AAA)Yakima Valley Dirt Dawgs RedNorth Idaho Black SoxNorth Idaho Black Sox (AAA)
Yakima Valley Dirt Dawgs (AAA)QAB RenegadesDragons Elite White
Spokane AngelsBadRock BBC
Saints (AAA)Idaho Rockies