About Us


West Coast Premier Tournaments was founded by Drew Reiners in 2017.  Our primary goal is to provide competitive, well organized, destination tournaments for teams and families in the Western United States.  Drew has run some of the largest events in the region for the past 13 seasons and has been able to start his own organization with the hopes of keeping the costs down for these memorable events.

If you are looking for some of the finest events in the Western Region, West Coast Premier Tournaments is the organization you can count on!

WCP Headquarters

(360) 597-3811

1087 LEWIS RIVER RD. #348


Owner/Founder/CEO: Drew Reiners, 360-597-3811, drew@wcptournaments.com

WCP Fastpitch

1144 Wallace Rd NW. #219

SALEM, OR 97304

Fastpitch Softball: Todd Walling, 360-713-9486, todd@wcptournaments.com

Please contact West Coast Premier Tournaments below. Our goal is to respond within one business day.