Welcome to the home of West Coast Premier Tournaments Youth Baseball Rankings!

This is our 1st year offering this Ranking System, so here are a few of the items you will want to know:

Entering a WCP Tournament = 10 Points
Each WIN at a WCP NW Tournament = 10 Points
Each TIE at a WCP NW Tournament = 5 Points

1st Place in GOLD Bracket = 50 POINTS
2nd Place in GOLD Bracket = 25 POINTS

1st Place in SILVER Bracket = 25 POINTS
2nd Place in SILVER Bracket = 10 POINTS

1st Place in BRONZE Bracket = 10 POINTS


9u Rankings

1Mound Time9u1000
2Kennewick Express9u400
3Willamette Valley National9u810
4Kennewick Am. All-Stars9u820
5Prospect U-Stenberg9u940
6PS Powerhouse9u730
7New Level Xtreme9u740
8River City Athletics9u530
9Hood Athletics9u1280
10City Navy9u320
10West Seattle Baseball9u320
13SBC Spartans Green9u650
14Liberty Select9u550
15Eastlake Arsenal9u220
15TC Warriors9u220
16GB Elite9u5100
17NW Futures Select9u240
18Central OR Crush9u4100
19PCR Moore9u260
19O-Town Bombers9u260
21Cascade All-Stars9u130
21New Level Xtreme 8u9u130
21Willamette Valley American9u130
25Reign Sports9u040
25MI Thunder9u040
25Rock Creek Select9u040
28Sunwest 9u9u080

10u Rankings

1Federal Way Knights10u AAA500
2Renton Rebels10u AAA720
3MI Thunder10u AAA410
4Sandy Dirtbags10u AAA840
5Greenberry Athletics10u AAA740
6Tri-City Stars10u AAA310
7Central Oregon Crush10u AAA870
8Seattle Senators10u AAA320
9QAB Renegades10u AAA550
10NW Futures Select10u AAA771
11River City Athletics10u AAA220
11Climbers10u AAA220
11KA All-Stars10u AAA220
11KC Monarchs10u AAA220
11Lake Stevens Riptide 910u AAA220
11Raleigh Hills10u AAA220
11SC Angels10u AAA220
18Moses Lake Monsters10u AAA450
19GB Elite10u AAA451
20City Navy10u AAA350
20TC Warriors10u AAA350
22Bat Company Red10u AAA10170
23Tigard Bulldogs10u AAA240
24Bridgetown10u AAA260
25Eastlake Arsenal10u AAA130
25Jr. Lava Bears10u AAA130
25MI Lightning10u AAA130
28Bend Elks10u AAA4130
29Sunwest Black10u AAA280
30Shoreline Royals10u AAA150
31Garco Crew10u AAA031
32Portland Generals-Rose City10u AAA030
32Portland Generals-WRLL10u AAA030
34IBC Gold10u AAA040
34West Albany Bulldogs10u AAA040
36Yakima Valley Dirt Dawgs10u AAA071
37Sunwest Yellow10u AAA090
1Diamond Jaxx10u Majors1500
1MoundTime10u Majors1710
3Showtime South10u Majors2290
4Richland Badgers10u Majors1030
5Rain City Royals10u Majors310
6Rock Creek Select10u Majors630
7Bat Company Navy10u Majors23151
8LW Select10u Majors210
8GTS Sting10u Majors210
10IBC Purple10u Majors320
10Willamette Valley National10u Majors320
10West Seattle Baseball10u Majors320
13Willamette Valley Seeds10u Majors430
14Puyallup Cal Ripken Blue10u Majors531
15West Linn Baseball10u Majors540
16PS Powerhouse10u Majors440
17Kennewick Express10u Majors220
17Lake Stevens Riptide 1010u Majors220
19Premier Baseball10u Majors460
20Seattle Select Black10u Majors230
21New Level Xtreme10u Majors350
22AIA Athletics10u Majors390
23Clackamas Fed10u Majors040
23Kelson All-Stars10u Majors040
23Kennewick Warriors10u Majors040

11u Rankings

1Greenberry Athletics11u AAA510
2Snohomish Pilchuckers11u AAA301
3Dragons Elite11u AAA630
3GB Diamond Crew11u AAA630
5Tri-City Stars11u AAA310
5Lakeridge Pacers11u AAA310
5River City Athletics11u AAA310
5Vancouver Mavericks11u AAA310
5Washington Athletics Gold11u AAA310
5Diamond Jaxx Gold11u AAA310
5Meridian11u AAA310
5SBC Spartans Black11u AAA310
13Woodinville BBC11u AAA530
13Bridgetown11u AAA530
15Mizuno Maniacs11u AAA432
16Boise BBA11u AAA320
17Central OR Crush11u AAA750
18Kennewick Warriors11u AAA440
19SBC Spartans White11u AAA220
19Eastmont Pilots11u AAA220
19MI Thunder11u AAA220
22Sunwest11u AAA670
23PCR Andyke11u AAA8121
24Yakima Valley Dirt Dawgs11u AAA350
25Titans Baseball11u AAA120
26NW Futures Black11u AAA6161
27Sandy Premier11u AAA251
28O-Town Bombers11u AAA260
29Cascade LL11u AAA130
29Idaho Prospect Baseball11u AAA130
29Jr. Cougars11u AAA130
29MI Lightning11u AAA130
29UP Vikings11u AAA130
29Willamette Valley Seeds11u AAA130
29Wilsonville 11u11u AAA130
29NW Reign Black11u AAA130
29Baden Baseball11u AAA130
38New Level Kings11u AAA271
39Portland Baseball Club11u AAA2131
40Bend Elks11u AAA170
41Showtime Navy11u AAA020
42Punishers11u AAA040
42SC Angels11u AAA040
1New Level Xtreme11u Majors1210
2NWDS11u Majors1320
3Willamette Valley National11u Majors1130
4Mound Time11u Majors720
4PS Powerhouse11u Majors720
6NW Futures Select11u Majors1150
7SBC Spartans Green11u Majors620
8West Linn Baseball11u Majors630
9Seattle Rawlings Tigers11u Majors631
10CMC Baseball11u Majors410
11West Seattle Baseball11u Majors420
12Elite (ID)11u Majors310
13Rock Creek Select11u Majors311
14Kennewick Express11u Majors210
15IBC Purple11u Majors320
16Diamond Jaxx Prime11u Majors540
17City BB Navy11u Majors330
18MV Diamond Dogs11u Majors220
18Showtime South 10u11u Majors220
20LW Select11u Majors110
21Rjio 10u11u Majors230
21Showtime North Red11u Majors230
21MVP11u Majors230
24Kingers11u Majors8130
25Premier Baseball11u Majors5100
26Whatcom Prep11u Majors250
27MoundTime 10u11u Majors130
27Warriors BBC11u Majors130
29IBC Purple11u Majors030
30NW Reign Silver11u Majors070

12u Rankings

1NW Futures Black12u AAA1112
2Kirkland BBC12u AAA500
2Prospect United Cubs12u AAA500
4Saints Baseball12u AAA410
6Tigard 12u12u AAA620
7Boise Beasts12u AAA310
7Climbers12u AAA310
7LB Dirtbags12u AAA310
10KN All-Stars12u AAA420
10Silverdale Sluggers12u AAA420
12Idaho Prospect12u AAA640
13Shockers Baseball12u AAA210
13Stods Hornets12u AAA210
13WA Select Warriors12u AAA210
16Cascade Crush12u AAA531
17Covinton Titans12u AAA430
18O-Town Bombers12u AAA760
18Jr. Storm12u AAA760
20Washington Rush Black12u AAA660
21Dragons Elite12u AAA440
21NWDS Blue12u AAA441
23Dirtbags12u AAA220
23MI Thunder12u AAA220
23SC Angels12u AAA220
26Greenberry Athletics12u AAA560
27AIA Athletics12u AAA570
28Lookouts Sandlot12u AAA230
28Seattle Rawlings Tigers12u AAA230
30Bridgetown12u AAA682
31Showtime South12u AAA9190
32City Baseball Black12u AAA350
32Jr. Lava Bears12u AAA350
34503 Baseball12u AAA5111
35Cascade LL12u AAA130
35Crew12u AAA130
35Eastside Select White12u AAA130
35Jr. Cougars12u AAA130
35West Albany12u AAA130
40Cherry City Baseball12u AAA290
41Portland Baseball Club12u AAA2100
42City Baseball Gold12u AAA160
43Bend Elks12u AAA170
44RCBC Badgers12u AAA020
45Centerfield Cannons12u AAA030
45Pasco Fury12u AAA030
47Baden Black12u AAA040
47Lookouts Outsiders12u AAA040
47West Linn12u AAA040
1MoundTime12u Majors1610
2Diamond Jaxx Littleton12u Majors1741
3NWDS Black12u Majors1550
4New Level Xtreme Pike12u Majors920
5NW Futures Select12u Majors820
5North Valley Cubs12u Majors820
7Baden Elite12u Majors930
8City Baseball Navy12u Majors410
9EKU Baseball12u Majors310
9Rijo Athletics Black12u Majors310
10PS Powerhouse Black12u Majors530
11Kennewick Warriors12u Majors841
12NW Naturals12u Majors850
13Mizuno Maniacs12u Majors640
13Ridge Baseball12u Majors640
15Meridian12u Majors320
15IBC Purple12u Majors320
17LW Select12u Majors430
18TC Warriors12u Majors540
19Premier Baseball12u Majors880
20New Level Kings12u Majors551
21SBC Spartans Green12u Majors330
22Washington Athletics12u Majors220
22West Valley BBC12u Majors220
24Bat Company12u Majors17191
25Yak. Val. Dirt Dawgs Red12u Majors8100
26Yak. Val. Dirt Dawgs Blk12u Majors450
27WV All-Stars12u Majors350
28RBI Baseball12u Majors240
29Stods Select12u Majors120
29Vipers12u Majors120
30Tri-City Stars12u Majors121
31Rijo Athletics White12u Majors130
31Americans Red12u Majors130
31Rock Creek Select12u Majors130
31Spokane Angels12u Majors130
35Bombers BBC12u Majors270
36Sandy Pack12u Majors4141
37NW Blaze12u Majors140
38Renton Rebels12u Majors170
39Central Oregon Crush12u Majors040
40PS Powerhouse Blue12u Majors080

13u Rankings

1NW Reign13u AAA920
2Sherwood BBC13u AAA1540
3MoundTime13u AAA1471
4NW Futures Green13u AAA1161
5Jr. Cougars13u AAA620
6Seattle Rawlings Tigers13u AAA310
6Umpqua Valley Aces13u AAA310
8West Seattle Steelheads13u AAA411
9Sunwest13u AAA530
10Eastmont Aces13u AAA320
10North Seattle Rainiers Red13u AAA320
10HZ Extreme13u AAA320
10Idaho Prospect13u AAA320
14Bend Elks13u AAA880
15Yakima Valley Dirt Dawgs13u AAA550
16Saints Baseball13u AAA220
16Bainbridge Mavericks13u AAA220
16Bat Company13u AAA220
16BBB Kings13u AAA220
16FOC Bears Blue13u AAA220
16Juanita BBC Silver13u AAA220
16Pendleton BBC13u AAA220
16QAB Renegades13u AAA220
16Washington Rush Black13u AAA220
25AIA Athletics13u AAA9100
26Central Oregon Crush Orange13u AAA670
27Sandy Baseball13u AAA892
28NWDS Orange13u AAA7100
29GYB Generals13u AAA350
29Raleigh Hills-Burks13u AAA350
31Bridgetown East13u AAA480
32Mizuno Maniacs13u AAA120
33Hillsboro Spartans13u AAA481
34Dragons Elite13u AAA250
34Rippers Gold13u AAA250
36River City Athletics13u AAA260
36Titans13u AAA260
38Baden Black13u AAA130
38Jr. Walla Walla Sweets13u AAA130
38Sammamish BBC13u AAA130
41Portland Baseball Club13u AAA3170
42Laces Baseball13u AAA160
43NW Blaze13u AAA170
44Salem SWAT13u AAA020
45Baden Islanders13u AAA040
45Inland Empire Astros13u AAA040
47City Baseball White13u AAA070
48463 Baseball13u AAA080
1New Level Xtreme Ringrose13u Majors1700
2Team GTS13u Majors910
3Willamette National13u Majors1030
4The Yard - Stall13u Majors1450
5City Baseball Navy13u Majors610
6Bat Busters13u Majors400
7Rijo Athletics White13u Majors410
8Cascade Crush13u Majors720
9Treasure Valley Elite (ID)13u Majors1240
10NWDS Black13u Majors1040
11NW Naturals13u Majors1050
12Tri-City Sun Devils13u Majors530
13Spokane Expos13u Majors841
14TC Knights13u Majors631
15Spokane Angels13u Majors210
16Untouchables13u Majors320
16Seattle Wave Green13u Majors320
18Central Oregon Crush Black13u Majors1052
19Kennewick Express13u Majors851
20NW Futures Select13u Majors421
21Rippers Black13u Majors540
22New Level Kings Seibert13u Majors650
23Showtime South13u Majors1392
24NWDS Blue13u Majors760
25Baden Baseball Red13u Majors440
26Coeur D Alene Lumbermen13u Majors211
27Bat Busters13u Majors220
27Idaho Rockies13u Majors220
27Kennewick Warriors13u Majors220
27Rijo Athletics Black13u Majors220
27Spokane Expos Red13u Majors220
32Baden Titans13u Majors450
32New Level Xtreme Sutherland13u Majors450
34NW Bandits13u Majors680
35NW Futures Black13u Majors11160
36Premier Baseball13u Majors460
37MoundTime 12u13u Majors230
38Rock Creek Select13u Majors350
38Kirkland Merchants13u Majors350
40West Linn Fed13u Majors572
41Diamond Jaxx Fazio13u Majors111
42Bombers BBC13u Majors120
42Spokane Avalanche13u Majors120
44PS Powerhouse13u Majors250
44TC Warriors13u Majors250
44Walla Walla Athletics13u Majors250
47Bridgetown West13u Majors4101
48FOC Bears Black13u Majors121
49Columbia Reach13u Majors130
49Juanita BBC Gold13u Majors130
49Legends13u Majors130
49City Baseball Gold13u Majors130
53Washington Athletics13u Majors140
53MVP13u Majors140
55Pasco Dawgs13u Majors170
56Marysville Pilots13u Majors040
56Seattle Wave Black13u Majors040
56Idaho Cubs Red13u Majors040

14u Rankings

1NWDS Blue14u AAA500
1Valley Stars14u AAA500
3NW Futures Select 13u14u AAA400
4Team Impact14u AAA810
5Pendleton BlackSox14u AAA820
6Baden Baseball14u AAA410
7Spokane Dirtbags14u AAA620
8Bulldogs Red14u AAA310
9Jr. Lava Bears14u AAA630
10Bend Elks14u AAA850
11Portland Vipers14u AAA1152
12MoundTime 13u14u AAA311
13TC Warriors14u AAA320
14Vancouver Cardinals14u AAA430
15PBR Red14u AAA1090
16Stingrays14u AAA220
16Sunset JBO14u AAA220
18Chaffey Baseball14u AAA670
19Bat Company Navy14u AAA13181
20Eastside Huskies14u AAA230
21Showtime South14u AAA11170
22Prospect U-Austin14u AAA350
23Portland Baseball Club14u AAA6110
24Bridgetown Columbia14u AAA371
25Saint Helens Saints14u AAA390
25Yak Valley Dirt Dawgs14u AAA390
27Rippers Gold14u AAA260
28Jr. Cougars14u AAA130
28Tigard Tigers14u AAA130
28West Salem14u AAA130
31North Seattle Rainiers14u AAA131
32Rival Baseball Club14u AAA140
33City Baseball White14u AAA170
33North Idaho Black Sox14u AAA170
35Bombers14u AAA190
36Boys of Summer14u AAA020
36Washington A's Gold14u AAA022
38Idaho Cubs Red14u AAA040
39Raleigh Hills-CL14u AAA080
40Cherry City Baseball14u AAA0110
1Mound Time14u Majors810
2City Baseball Navy14u Majors610
3Premier Baseball14u Majors820
4NWDS Black14u Majors2251
5Koa Baseball14u Majors500
6NW Futures Select14u Majors1040
7Washington A's Purple14u Majors410
8Snohomish Sox14u Majors520
9Dragons Elite White14u Majors310
10NW Bandits14u Majors730
11Walla Walla Athletics14u Majors840
12Rebels14u Majors630
12Cascade Crush14u Majors630
14NW Premier BBC14u Majors420
14Rock Creek Select14u Majors420
16NW Naturals14u Majors411
17NW Futures Black14u Majors1353
18West Linn Fed14u Majors1151
19WA Select Warriors14u Majors530
20River City Athletics14u Majors521
21503 East14u Majors1170
22Idaho Cubs Blue14u Majors640
23Rijo Athletics White14u Majors320
24Lewiston Legends14u Majors851
25NL Xtreme-Mano14u Majors750
26New Level Diamond Jaxx14u Majors650
27503 West14u Majors990
28Jr. Storm14u Majors660
28NL Xtreme-McLeod14u Majors661
30Kirkland Merchants14u Majors440
31West Albany Bulldogs14u Majors330
32Diamond Jaxx14u Majors220
32FOC Bears14u Majors220
32NWDS Blue14u Majors220
32Olympia Titans14u Majors220
36Bat Company Red14u Majors790
37Bad Rock BBC14u Majors340
38Dalton Baseball14u Majors460
39Rijo Athletics Black14u Majors221
40Farmers14u Majors230
40Snohomish County Prospects14u Majors230
42Idaho Rockies14u Majors580
43HZ Exreme14u Majors350
44NW Futures Green14u Majors493
45Bridgetown Navy14u Majors260
46Kelso Baseball14u Majors130
46Prospect U-Fukaye14u Majors130
46Redmond Dudes14u Majors130
46Sprague Olympians14u Majors130
46Stayton Jr Eagles14u Majors130
46Washington First Resp.14u Majors130
52City Baseball Gold14u Majors252
53Rippers Black14u Majors270
54Dragons Elite Blue14u Majors151
55New Level Kings Johnson14u Majors161
56Idaho Prospect14u Majors170
57TC Saints14u Majors031
58WW Sweets14u Majors030
59Washington Rush Blk14u Majors040

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