September 12-October 11
Salem/Keizer, OR


  • SIGN UP INFORMATIONCONTACT DREW REINERS @ 360-597-3811 or drew@wcptournaments.com
  • AGE DIVISIONSSATURDAY: 9/10u, 11/12u, 13u 60/90, 14u, (Possibly UnderClass)
    SUNDAY: HS Underclass (FR/SO)
    SUNDAY: HS Upperclass (JR/SR)
  • ENTRY FEE$350
  • GUARANTEE2 Games
  • AGE CUTOFF2021 Divisions (Player age as of May 1, 2021)
  • FORMATEach team will play 2 Games per weekend
    **Special Start time requests will not be accepted
    ***Prepare to play any time between 7:30am-8pm
  • ENTRY DEADLINEMonday before each weekend, or until full
  • ENTRY INFO*3 Baseballs will be provided per game (any extra needs will be on the teams playing to provide)
    *Entry fees do not include transaction and/or registration fees
  • GATE FEESKeizer LL: $10 per person
    **All Players and up to 3 coaches are Free
    Geer Park: No Gate Fees
  • SCHEDULES AVAILABLEWednesday night before each weekend
  • OCT 17-18 SCHEDULEOCT 17-18 SCHEDULE HERE: https://admin.tourneymachine.com/R80915
  • FACILITIESKeizer LL (9u-13u), Geer Park (13u-HS), Blanchet HS (13u-HS)
  • FALL REFUND POLICYALL Fall Series entries are subject to $200 Non-Refundable Admin Fees
  • WOOD BAT PARTNERwww.vullobatcompany.com, use promo code "WCP" to get 10% discount on all purchases over $69.99
  • COVID INFOMasks Required for all fans, coaches, and players at all times

    All teams must spray/clean dugout area before & after each game
    FANS: Masks must be worn, must socially distance (6 ft from non family members)

Welcome to the first ever WCP Wood Bat Fall Series!

This Series will feature 5 weekends of baseball in the Salem area. Each weekend teams will play 2 games.

All 9u-14u Teams will play their 2 games on Saturdays. HS Divisions, (Underclass FR/SO and Upperclass JR/SR) will play on Sundays (there may be some HS games played on Saturdays, field dependent)


All teams will play in their 2021 League Age Divisions.

TO SIGN UP, CONTACT DREW REINERS @ 360-597-3811 or drew@wcptournaments.com

We are proud to partner with VULLO BATS for our Fall Series. All teams can use the promo code “WCP” at the www.vullobatcompany.com website for 10% off all wood bat orders.
They have both youth and adult wood bat options!!!!

SESSION 2, September 19-20 Who’s Coming

Only Paid Teams are listed. No spots held unless paid in full

Sept 199/10u CLOSED--Majors Rules11u/12u CLOSED13u 60/90 CLOSED14u CLOSEDHS Underclass (12 Team Max)HS Upperclass (5 Team Max) 
1NWDSHood AthleticsLincoln YBLincoln YBNWDS OrangeNWDS1
2LumberjacksCentral Coast BreakersNWDSNWDS BlackNWDS BlackNWDS2
3The YardLakeridge PacersTualatin BB GistNWDS BlueOR Flash RedMoundTime3
4WV SeedsLincoln YBWV SeedsNWDS OrangeOR Flash Grey4
5Tigard 10uLO LakersOR FlashSalem SluggersLumberjacks5
6Tualatin BaseballLumberjacks BlackMoundTimeOR Flash RedCoast 2 CoastCAPACITY6
7MoundTimeLumberjacks RedThe YardOR Flash GreyMoundTime7
8Central Coast BreakersMoundTime 12u BlueSalem SpinnersLumberjacksMavericks8
9CAPACITYMoundTime 12u OrangeLumberjacks BlackGrant YBWV Seeds9
10MoundTime 12u WhiteLumberjacks RedWV SeedsSA Futures10
11NWDS 11uCAPACITYWolves HauckThe Yard11
12NWDS 12uMoundTimeMoundTimeSluggers12
13Showtime SouthGrant GeneralsCAPACITYCAPACITY
14South Salem VandalsGB Diamond CrewWAIT LIST:West Linn 14u Sundholm
15The YardWest Linn
16Tigard BulldogsMoundTime
17Tualatin-BurgerCO Crush
18West Linn 11u
19West Linn 12u
20WS Titans
21WV Seeds 11u
22WV Seeds 12u
23GYB Generals
24Westview Jr

SESSION 3, September 26-27 Who’s Coming

Only Paid Teams are listed. No spots held unless paid in full

Sept 269/10u CLOSED--Majors Rules11u/12u CLOSED13u 60/90 CLOSED14u CLOSEDHS Underclass CLOSED 
1NWDSCentral Coast BreakersLincoln YBLincoln YBCoast 2 Coast1
2Tigard 10uHood AthleticsNWDSNWDS BlackNWDS Black2
3LumberjacksLakeridge PacersTualatin BB GistNWDS BlueOR Flash3
4The YardLincoln YBWV SeedsNWDS OrangeMavericks4
5WV SeedsLO LakersOR FlashSalem SluggersLumberjacks5
6MoundTimeLumberjacks BlackLumberjacks BlackOR Flash RedNWDS Orange6
7Tualatin BaseballLumberjacks RedLumberjacks RedOR Flash GreyWV Seeds7
8Central Coast BreakersMoundTime 12u BlueSalem SpinnersLumberjacksThe Yard8
9CAPACITYMoundTime 12u OrangeThe YardTigard Power TCAPACITY9
10Tualatin-BurgerMoundTimeGrant YBRBi Baseball10
11Northside PDX BlueCAPACITYWV SeedsSA Futures11
12Northside PDX GreyGB Diamond CrewWolves HauckMoundTime12
13NWDS 11uCO CrushCAPACITYWest Linn 14u Sundholm13
14NWDS 12uGrant GeneralsMoundTime14
15Showtime South15
16The YardWest Linn 14u Sundholm16
17Tigard BulldogsCO Crush17
18West Linn 11uRBi Baseball18
19West Linn 12uWestview Sr.19
20WV Seeds 11uMoundTime20
21WV Seeds 12u21
22GYB Generals22
24WS Titans

SESSION 4, October 3-4 Who’s Coming

Only Paid Teams are listed. No spots held unless paid in full

Oct 39/10u (8 Teams Max)--Majors Rules11u/12u (20 Team Max)13u 60/90 (9 Team Max)14u (12 Team Max)HS Underclass (6 Team Max)HS Upperclass (5 Team Max) 
1NWDSHood AthleticsLincoln YBLincoln YBWV SeedsNWDS1
2LumberjacksLakeridge PacersNWDSNWDS BlackNWDS BlackNWDS2
3Sandy PrideLincoln YBWV SeedsNWDS BlueOR FlashMoundTime3
4WV SeedsLO LakersOR FlashNWDS OrangeMavericksThe Yard4
5Tigard 10uLumberjacks BlackLumberjacks BlackOR FlashLumberjacks5
6Tualatin BaseballLumberjacks RedLumberjacks RedLumberjacksNWDS OrangeCAPACITY6
7MoundTimeTualatin-BurgerTualatin GistTigard Power TCAPACITY7
8Vancouver BB-PhillipsMoundTime 12u OrangeThe YardGrant YBRBi Baseball8
9CAPACITYMoundTime 12u WhiteSalem SpinnersWV SeedsCoast 2 Coast9
10NWDS 11uCAPACITYRBi BaseballWest Linn 14u Sundholm10
11NWDS 12uWolves HauckSA Futures11
12Showtime SouthMoundTimeMoundTime12
13The YardCAPACITY13
14Tigard BulldogsMoundTime14
15West Linn 11uCO Crush15
16West Linn 12uWestview Sr.16
17WV Seeds 11u17
18WV Seeds 12u18
19GYB Generals19
20Westview Jr20
22The Yard 11u22

SESSION 5, October 10-11 Who’s Coming

Only Paid Teams are listed. No spots held unless paid in full

Oct 109/10u --Majors Rules11u/12u (22 Team Max)13u 60/90 (8 Team Max)14u (12 Team Max)HS Underclass (6 Team Max)HS Upperclass 
1NWDSHood AthleticsLincoln YBLincoln YBNWDS OrangeNWDS1
2Tigard 10uLakeridge PacersNWDSNWDS BlackNWDS BlackNWDS2
3LumberjacksLincoln YBWV SeedsNWDS BlueOR FlashMoundTime3
4Vancouver BB-PhillipsLO LakersOR FlashNWDS OrangeMavericksThe Yard4
5MoundTimeLumberjacks BlackLumberjacks BlackLJacks NorthWV SeedsCAPACITY5
6Tualatin BaseballLumberjacks RedLumberjacks RedLumberjacksCoast 2 Coast6
7CAPACITYMoundTime 12u BlueThe YardTigard Power TCAPACITY7
8MoundTime 12u WhiteSalem SpinnersGrant YBRBi Baseball8
9Showtime SouthWest LinnWV SeedsWest Linn 14u Sundholm9
10Northside PDX BlueCAPACITYRBi BaseballSA Futures10
11Northside PDX GreyWolves HauckMoundTime11
12NWDS 11uMoundTime12
14Tualatin-BurgerWest Linn 14u Sundholm14
15The YardCO Crush15
16Tigard BulldogsWestview Sr.16
17West Linn 11u17
18West Linn 12u18
19WV Seeds 11u19
20The Yard 11u20
21GYB Generals21

SESSION 1, September 12-13 Who’s Coming

SESSION 6 SCHEDULE HERE: https://admin.tourneymachine.com/R80915

Oct 179/10u--Majors Rules11u/12u13u 60/9014uHS Underclass 
1NWDSHood AthleticsSalem SpinnersCO CrushNWDS Orange1
2Tigard 10uLakeridge PacersNWDSNWDS BlackNWDS Black2
3Central Coast BreakersLincoln YBTualatin BB GistNWDS BlueMavericks3
4LumberjacksLO LakersWV SeedsNWDS OrangeLumberjacks4
5WV SeedsLumberjacks BlackOR FlashSalem SluggersWV Seeds5
6Tualatin BaseballLumberjacks RedThe YardGrant YBCoast 2 Coast6
7CLOSEDNorthside PDX BlueLumberjacks BlackLumberjacks SouthMoundTime7
8Northside PDX GreyLumberjacks RedWV SeedsSA Futures8
9NWDS 11uMoundTimeWestview Sr.West Linn Sundholm9
10NWDS 12uGB Diamond CrewLJacks NorthCLOSED10
11Showtime SouthCLOSEDWolves Hauck11
12GYB GeneralsGrant GeneralsCLOSED12
13The Yard 12u
14Tigard Bulldogs
15The Yard 11u
16West Linn 12u
17Westview JBO
18WS Titans
19WV Seeds 11u
20WV Seeds 12u

All teams will play in 2021 Age Divisions
WCP will provide 3 baseballs per game (additional needs will fall on the teams)

**Daily Gate Fees**
$10 per Adult 13 and older (players and coaches free)
(This applies to Keizer LL only)

1 Hr 45 Minutes, DROP DEAD
Pitching Max Innings 6 per day, or 70 pitch max
1 Umpire (HS will have 2)
5 Run Max per Inning
**Try to avoid mid inning pitching changes


Coming soon!! Schedules will be posted Wednesday prior to the event!