Lodging Policy

All WCP events operate with a “Stay to Play” lodging program. We have partnered with Event Connect to ensure this program is executed smoothly and with top-notch professionalism. All teams will be asked to lodge at one of the provided hotel partners. This applies to teams traveling in from more than 80 miles away.

This program makes booking your travel arrangements easier than ever by allowing experienced hotel industry professionals to negotiate your room needs for you ahead of time! Simply submit a hotel group room block request for the event you’re attending, and the folks at Traveling Teams will work to get your request filled ASAP. No need to call around or spend hours trying to figure out the best place to stay.

Why go to “Stay to Play”?

Some Stay to Play programs have a bad reputation, and most of that is due to lack of information and knowledge as to the “why” these programs are great for EVERYONE.

By asking teams to book the hotels that partner with us, the hotels are more than willing to lower their rates for your families. Hotels love predictable business, and if they know they will get heads in beds they will often reduce their rates. Hotels will also allow more flexibility when it comes to accommodating room cancellations or other special requests. When there is a free-for-all, hotels likely take advantage of that and are less willing to offer great rates and perks for your team(s) and families (e.g. - breakfast).
Officials Rooms - When we are able to corral teams to our hotel partners, hotels will provide hotel rooms on an earn out basis, which gives us the ability to put up our umpires at our events!

Event Connect is also able to assist in cancelling your team’s reservations in the event of cancellations due to weather, etc.

Also, the economic impact is much easier determined within a community when we are able to track hotel nights more accurately. Our host communities are more likely to continue to give us dates at their facilities if events bring in a nice sized economic impact. From a business standpoint, being able to capture some additional revenues from hotel partnerships allows us to continue to operate our events and keep our costs to the teams respectable.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns…we want this to work for everyone, and we care about your feedback.

Where do I start?

Select the Lodging link within each tournament's site to begin the process.


If you have any questions about this program, don’t hesitate to reach out directly to WCP Tournaments or Event Connect. Here are the direct contacts:

Drew Reiners, 
West Coast Premier Tournaments 
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